Heating Pads For Animals

     Our heating pads suitable for all kinds of reptiles, amphibians and small animals. Helps regulate body temperature, is very important for animal metabolism, digestion, appetite enhancement and vitality, and is conducive to stimulating appetite and improving indigestion. Provides natural warmth for reptiles, amphibians and small animals. Uniform heat and temperature, no pollution and working noise. Solve your pet's troubles in winter, low wattage, safe power saving, waterproof (surface waterproof, not immersed in water and humid environment), no leakage, low temperature operation, safe and energy saving, constant temperature up to 45 degrees, to prevent high temperature Pets hurt low-power operation, high thermal energy conversion rate, safe and stable. It absorbs energy through far-infrared radiation and raises the space temperature, so that your pets can be warmed. There is no dry and stuffy feeling brought by traditional heating systems. Keep the temperature balanced and let your pets feel the warmth of spring sunshine in the cold winter. Its comprehensive effect is better than the traditional convection heating method. (Waterproof does not mean that it is placed in water, but that it is splashed with water in daily use, or wiped with a wet cloth is not dangerous. Do not use it for aquarium heating.) This product is easy to install and can be placed at the bottom and side of the box. The top and other positions can be adjusted according to your actual situation, which is convenient and fast.