Long Serve Life MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip For Thermopile Sensor
Long Serve Life MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip For Thermopile Sensor

Long Serve Life MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip For Thermopile Sensor

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Product Dimension:mm



Product Package:

 1.Put the blue film into the crystal expanding machine, make the blue film flatly inlaid on the crystal expanding ring , and then use the film to arrange the NTC chips on the blue film neatly.

2. Number of each layer: about 2.5KPcs / disk, center distance ≈ 0.6mm.

3. Packed in cartons, 10 boxes per box, 3 boxes per box, and 6 boxes per box.

4. MOQ: 10K



Product Specifications:

R25=100KΩ  ±3%

B25/50=3950K  ±1%

Working Temperature: -40℃-+125℃


MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip For Thermopile Sensor in Thermometer

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